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McFarlane Price Sheet -
AMC's The Walking Dead, NFL, NBA, Assassin's Creed, HALO, The Walking Dead Comic Action Figures and more including chase figures and variations!

April 2021

Item# Description Case Pack ETA
10840My Hero Acedemia 7in Figures WV4 Assortmentpk 603/21
10841Solid Figure- All For Onepk 603/21
10842Solid Case Figure- Shota Aizawapk 603/21
10843Solid Case Figure-Izuku Midoriya SSN3PK 603/21
10844Solid Case Figure-Eijiro Kirishima Quirk Verpk 603/21
10876My Hero Academia 12’’ Izuku MidoriyaPK 203/21
10913Solid Case-Adepta Sororitas Sisterpk 604/21
10915Warhammer 40000 WV2 Assortmentpk 604/21
10916Solid Case-Blood Angels Hellblasterpk 604/21
10917Solid Case-Adepta Sororitas Sister APpk 604/21
10918Solid Case- Primaris Space Marinepk 604/21
11035Mortal Kombat WV-5 Assortmentpk 603/21
11036Mortal Kombat WV-5 Liu Kang Solidpk 603/21
11037Mortal Kombat WV-5 Shaq Khan Solidpk 603/21
11038Mortal Kombat WV-5 Scorpion Solidpk 603/21
11039Mortal Kombat WV-5 Sub Zero Solidpk 603/21
11052Mortal Kombat 12” Commando SpawnPK 204/21
15006DC Multiverse 7’-Batman designed by ToddPK 605/21
15085DC Justice Movie Mega figs Assortmentpk 206/21
15086DC-Solid Movie Mega Figs-Darkdseidpk 206/21
15087DC-Solid Movie Mega Figs-Step Pen Wolfpk 206/21
15090DC Justice League Assortmentpk 606/21
15091DC-Solid Aqua manpk 606/21
15092DC-Solid Batmanpk 606/21
15093DC-Solid Cyborgpk 606/21
15095DC-Solid Supermanpk 606/21
15131DC Multiverse 7”-Green LanternPK 604/21
15139DC Multiverse 7”-Nightwing JokerPK 604/21
15145DC Multiverse 7”-Superman BizarroPK 604/21
15174DC Multiverse 7” Batman Hellbat suite Gold EditionPK 605/21
15355DC Gaming 7In Figures WV AssortmentPK 604/21
15356DC Gaming 7 in Solid Case FlashPK 604/21
15357DC Gaming 7 in Solid Case Gorilla GroddPK 604/21
15451DC Collector Multipack-Superman VS Devastatorpk 2Releasing March
15751DC Multiverse 7” Batman BeyondPK 605/21
16094DC-Solid Flashpk 606/21
90019Spawn Mandarin Spawn (RED)PK 603/21

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