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Mezco Toys

One:12 Collective figures, your favorite horror stars, and Living Dead Dolls (LDD)

April 2021

Stock Description Case Pack Case ETA
773301/12 Collective Thanos409-21
94280LDD Chucky and Tiffany Box Set408-21
774801/12 Collective Mr. Freeze Deluxe610-21
25401MDS Mega Scale Texas Chainsaw Massacre, (1974) LeatherFace410-21
99620LDD Saw: Billy610-21
43026MDS IT 1990 Deluxe Pennywise602-21
78023MDS Mega Scale Talking Menacing Chucky402-21
94460LDD The Conjuring Annabelle601-21
18013The Warrior Box set1212-21
17050Batman 1966 Deluxe Box Set202-21
99602LDD Elvira Mistress of the Dark606-21
775251/12 The Texas Chainsaw 1974 Leatherface Massacre607-21
18055Ultraman and Red King Boxed Set1205-21
771601/12 Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason Voorhees606-21
774851/12 Collective Dr.Fate603-21
766901/12 Collective Ghost Rider & Hell Cycle set2releasing May 2021
140101/6 Conan The Cimmerian107-21
761021/12 Collective Predator-Deluxe Box607-21
99650LDD The Addams Family608-21
47008MDS Roto Plush Ghostface408-21
760831/12 Collective Constantine608-21
769401/12 Collective Morbius610-21
45047MDS Mega Scale Halloween ll, Michael Myers with Sound and stands 15” Tall409-21
99680LDD Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse610-21
763901/12 Collective GI Joe Destro602-21
180605 POINTS Popeye Box Set1209-21
767321/12 Zack Snyders Justice league Deluxe Steel Boxed set2March of 2022
765361/12 Wolverine-Deluxe Steel Box202-21
17070Superman the Mechanical monster 1941 Box Set610-21
180705 point XL Godzilla Destroys All -Round 1 Box Set 1968801-22
180715 point XL Godzilla Destroys All -Round 2 Box Set 1968801-22

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